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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

President Mills

One thing I learned about Ghana when I was staying there is that Ghanaians sure do love politics. I think that ties with religion, really. People always asked me which party I supported as if that made a difference; I barely know anything about Ghanaians politics to have a say about it. But this year is election year so discussions are heated and people are ready to back their parties with passionate support. Unfortunately, Ghana's latest leader, President John Atta Mills has been pronounced death after battling an undisclosed illness. It's sad and shocking to Ghanaians worldwide and truly unfortunate. I hope this doesn't complicate election matters and we can only pray for a peaceful transition this year.

May he rest in peace and may Ghana's standing president, Mr. John Mahama lead with dignity and respect. And I pray that whoever wins the December election serves the country with a positive mindset and sound health.


Anonymous said...

Oh my! This is the first I'm hearing of this.

Ama Kyei said...

@Yedei- yeah, not having facebook may do that to ya.... :)

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