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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Seven things

Don't come for me about not posting since January, okay? Just praise the Lord that I'm crawling back to blogging. 

I've decided to finish a drafted post that I was supposed to respond to foreverago. This summer has been quite relaxing and I've been doing a lot of nothing and la little bit of 'something' here and there. I'm ashamed that I don't blog regularly but with some new life changes, I think I will be:) 

Thanks for the tag Chinye dear!

1. You're given a 'round the world ticket that stops in five major cities - which cities does you visit?

Maldives (I know it's not a city but I just want to go there); Sunset, Mozambique; Casablanca, Morocco, Hong Kong, China, Paris, France.

2. What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?
Chicken feet. My mother forbade us to tell people we had chicken feet stew. It was hard to stay quiet about it because it was so good. Will I eat it again? Never.

3. Gain 20 IQ points or lose 20 pounds - which do you choose?
I'm so vain, yes, I will choose 20 pounds any day. But I will want to keep the booty. A girl is nothing without booty and brains.

4. You can hang out with three of your favourite bloggers (even if you've never met them) this weekend and do anything you want to...which three bloggers and what are you doing?
Leila of bglh: we're talking hair care, of course, for 4c girls. Leila doesn't post herself as much on her famous blog so I am eager to know more about her regimen now. She briefly wrote about her struggle with thin, fine hair and I related to her because I have the same issues. She has since gone for a low fade that looks stunning against her caramel complexion and bright green eyes. 

Chinye of ChinyeLoves: Chinye is possibly my double. She is my friend in my mind and I am so impressed with her blog and insight. If Chinye and I were to meet in person, we will do a fabulous stroll (or bike) through Central Park, Georgetown DC, somewhere! (possibly two trips), check out some vegan restaurants and thrift stores, and spend hours taking pictures and making lists of what our next endeavours would be. Of course, our conversation will be saturated with topics of family, literature, money, and Africa. Yep, it'll be nice:) (Let's make it happen!)
Shirley of Shirley's Wardrobe: Love love love Shirley and her style. If Shirls and I were to hang out, she will revamp my whole wardrobe and do my makeup for the day. We will end the day with tea and nonstop chatter about the latest young adult novels, makeup products, and our favorite styles.

5. Why did you start your blog and do you still blog for the same reason?

I started the blog because I wanted to record my experience in Ghana in a visual and written format. I also wanted to challenge myself to do something on a consistent basis and connect with other bloggers:) Hubby insists that this was a travel blog and nothing more. And yes, he's possibly right. But I think I have to learn to get over my fear of sharing too much of myself and know that sometimes, it's okay to give a little to the world. And to stop procrastination. It's a curse.

6. You can have the services of one of the following free for an entire year - a cook, a cleaner, a driver, or a trainer. Which do you choose and why?

I would have a cook only because I'm a die-hard foodie and with a cook, I can learn so many other dishes.... sike! I'll be too busy eating. Plus, it'll be fun trying out new dishes.

7. Describe your ideal mate - in 25 words or less.
God-fearing, facial hair, deep voice, awesome smile, extremely patient, travel-lover,  superb sense of humor, tall, romantic, ambitious, health conscious, passionate kisser, named Timilehin :)

I tag the following lovelies. Feel free to change a question if you like! 

Clarissa & Amma

I will be shocked if Clarissa does this! lol