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Tuesday, April 30, 2013


By His Grace, we are saved.
By His Grace, we are protected.
By His Grace, we are healed.
By His Grace, we are loved.

In going to Ghana for a year-long project, I did not understand the risk I was placing myself in by living in a foreign, third-world country. As beautiful and enjoyable as Ghana is, it is still a third-world country where risks, that are not as prevalent in the U.S., are at large. But in that one year, I lived comfortably and safely in spite of some trying situations-- getting bit by weird insects, travelling to Kumasi by tro-tro (a rickety, old, mini-van on it's last breath), getting over occasional diarrhea, awful asthma (never had that before I went to Ghana). I did not realize how much of God's grace covered me the whole time I was there, because the fate of some loved ones could have been. Could have.

I dedicate this post to Madam Caroline (Caro) Larbi. The Akan teacher at ABETICOE was immensely kind to me. She cooked my favorite meals as a special treat. She shared her best mangoes with me during the fruitful season; gave me clean water from her supply when I ran out; laughed and chatted with me in her compound. I loved this little lady. We really bonded and I enjoyed her presence every time we met. I learned of her untimely death last month: she died in a ghastly tro-tro accident in Winneba. She left behind two children, a grandson, a lovely teaching college, and a Ghanaian-American girl who called her a friend. Madam Caro was a gem of a lady; I ache to think of her empty bungalow that now lacks her signature laugh. I am so sorry that I wasn't there to mourn with the school. I'm more sorry that I didn't call upon my return to the States. I'm so sorry.

I dedicate this post to Danielle (Danni) Dunlap. Danielle was a Peace Corps Volunteer for the 11-13 mission. I met her through my roommate, another volunteer. She stayed with us during Easter weekend, among many other PCVs. But Danni and I struck a sweet friendship in her short time with us. She helped me cook and clean and was absolutely cordial and pleasant. I guess we hit it off b/c we were the two black girls in the group but I truly liked her because she was so sincere. I only interacted with her during that weekend but our emails and chats always picked up as if we talked on a daily basis. Danielle was brilliant, kind, beautiful, and genuine. I weep for her because I cannot believe how illness claimed her so quickly; I cannot imagine how her family feels knowing that they sent their child away to do honest, giving work and she will never come back home alive. I weep for her because her loss is great. We've lost a great young black woman in this world. And I feel it.

It's by God's grace that these situations did not befall on me as I know they could have. But I know that the same Grace will cover Caro and Danni's family in this painful, painful time. By the same Grace, we will meet again.

Rest peacefully.