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Monday, July 30, 2012


It has been almost one month since I've returned from Ghana and to be honest, I'm in the dumps about it. I miss Ghana terribly. It's like a deep void that I feel every moment of the day. I miss the constant connection with people. I didn't make a ton of friends but it was enough to sit on the steps and people watch and hear the usual noises around me. I found it to be so comforting. And it's funny because though I am happy to be back home, I at times feel like I am not supposed to be here. I truly believe I am manufactured to be living in a small bungalow in the small cities of Ghana. In the past, when I felt life was getting too hard for me, I used to just break down and cry. I didn't even know why I was crying, I was just overwhelmed. And upon seeking an outlet to this anxiety, I got the chance to teach in Ghana and never did I feel more liberated, needed, and satisfied. I know it is time for me to be back home and face "reality" but a part of me feels like my "reality" will someday involve me back in Africa for good. I'm already looking for ways to go back for shorter teaching stints:)

In the meantime, what have I been up to? Well, I moved back home with my parents for the summer. I will be moving out soon because by the stupendous grace of God, I got a teaching position almost immediately upon returning. I went for an interview at a local middle school on the 9th of July and was called to accept the position on the 10th. I don't know about you but I have never heard that happen before. Especially since teaching positions are not as easy to come by as people think. That, my dear, is favor. He favors me. I'm currently tutoring at the moment to save up money and trying my best to stay relaxed for the rest of the summer. Teachers are glorified nannies, I am a glorified governess. It is not easy but I love serving others.

I've gotten into a hugeeeeee beauty kick. It's like I turned 25 and realized that I ain't gonna be this cute for long!! lol. So I've amped up my cosmetics arsenal and I'm actually trying out new things. I got A LOAD of goodies (clothes and such) from Ghana; I will do a post on that soon. I know people would love to see what I brought. I mean, I'm not a fashionista but I picked up some fun things. A friend of mine complained I don't have many pictures of my time on the blog. I had so many camera problems in Ghana, I don't have a crap ton of pictures but I'll be posting up the good ones I took as time goes by.

Well, just wanted to stay current on this blog; I'm still trying to enjoy life, regardless of my environment. I think the one thing I miss the most is food. I never used to think about food when I was in Ghana. There were so many delectable snacks and meals at all times of the day so I wasn't obsessed with finding healthy options. It was everywhere. Now, I find myself lurking in the kitchen more or bemoaning about how expensive pineapple is. It's like I'm constantly hungry now. But when I was in Ghana, it was the last thing on my mind!!!! Waaah!!!!
I lost a good amount of weight in Ghana and I'm determined that it will not creep back. Wish me luck oooo... Hmmm... food is good though.


Chinye said...

I've lost around 10 pounds, and I've only been here for around a month! I'm so happy you were able to secure a job upon returning to the States....God is good!!

Ama Kyei said...

@Chinye- thanks! It's amazing how the pounds fall off, and you're not even trying! Enjoy it all lady:)

janet said...

This is your season to explore, the adventure is not over.

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