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Monday, November 28, 2011

Lumba did that

Only highlife legend Daddy Lumba can evoke a genuine unifying moment as such:

Former President J. A. Kuffour dances with former first lady, Nana Konadu Rawlings (wife of Former President, J. K. Rawlings) Oh yeah, Lumba still got his cornrows and check out the complimentary Ghana peace signs in the back... Priceless.

I grew up listening to Lumba (though my parents try to front as if they only played gospel music our whole lives, smh) and had an early appreciation for his creative spin to highlife beats. Seems to be one of the few Ghanaian artists that can still bring the house down to its knees and even get the heads of state swaying their hips. Though I wasn't at the concert, Lumba is still is a part of my Ghanaian experience. It's quite convicting to enjoy a wonderful worship song on Sunday morning radio and later in the afternoon/evening, find yourself humming to a naughty Lumba song on the same radio station. Hey, it's Ghana.

You're a classic Lumba. Thanks for the good music!

I don't think my Uncle Kofi cared much for Lumba music and it's probably more befitting to choose a gospel  jam to dedicate to him, but I will dedicate both this song and the one below it to him. Just because, this Lumba jam makes me feel really melancholy and mellow. But when I hear "Soon and Very Soon", it makes me want to jump up and praise God like Uncle Kofi. It kind of signifies the series of  feelings I have at the moment. Enjoy!



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