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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Work hard, Play hard

I remember when I was in middle school, we had to do the dreaded one mile run. It was seventh grade...
I didn't want to run the mile at all. I just couldn't bear the last lap (or so I thought). So I, uh, lied to my P.E. teacher. I told him I completed the mile when I really finished 3 laps. My time was 7:32 (which wasn't so bad for almost a mile now when I think about it). I told him I finished and he asked me, "Are you sure?" I'm like, "Yeah!" He said, "That was a good job." I walked away with a sheepish grin and relief that I wasn't caught in my lie. Or so I thought...
Three weeks later, I saw my name on a poster in the gym. I didn't read the sign so well, I just saw my name. Later on, I asked my P.E. teacher, why my name was on the poster, he said he entered me the school's annual track meet because my time was so... good. I didn't say anything. I just stared at him. He stared back, with a glint of satisfaction in his eye.
I lost, woefully.

So, when I had the chance to survey our school's inter-hall sports tournament, I did so with nostalgia, good envy, and excitement. School sports games are always fun to partake in; I think I do a better job at spectating. I am still a poor runner, still a bit traumatized, but I am impressed with the enthusiasm and endurance my students have at playing all sorts of sports.  We had competitions in volleyball, netball (basketball) and the ever favorite, football (soccer). It was girls v. girls and boys v. boys and it was a great two days of fun and no classes:)

It just reminds me of the amazing talent this country (this continent) has when it comes to physical sports. They play for competition and pleasure with such passion and frenzy, you can never get bored. Freddy Adu ain't got nothing on my students!

I may not  pick up running again but after these games, I would love to get physically active again, regardless the sport. We'll see...
Women's Netball

Men's Volleyball

Hall Four Won!

Complimentary candid shot

I have a video of the music/noise that usually accompanies African sports (if you watched the World Cup last year, ya know). I hope I can get the chance to upload it. All that was missing was the vuvuzela.



Unknown said...

Ghana in the African Cup of Nations brings back the nostalgia and competitiveness from previous world cups! Maybe you'd have purchased soccer cleats by the time you return?

Ama Kyei said...

@ Unknown- maybe! Definitely a soccer jersey. It's good to be in country during the ACN; it was extra fun to see Ghana do their thing the other day!

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