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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good times Accra

I had a chance to "bo life" a couple of weekends ago on Farmer's Day weekend. I met up with colleagues, Amy S.and Amy T. in Accra for a wonderful 3 day weekend. Teachers love three day weekends too:)

On Friday morning, we went searching for a place to have a nice breakfast and after getting lost for a while, we got to our destination at Cuppa Cappucino.  Cuppa is a quaint coffee shop hidden in Airport Residential and an absolutely perfect place to chill with friends or enjoy a smoothie and magazine on your own.

It was just too cute, especially with the Christmas ornaments hanging from the ceiling. I had a delicious mango smoothie and chicken sandwich.


We headed off to the beach to spend a few hours. Beaches and holidays in Ghana pretty much go together and I wanted to avoid the hustle and hassle of Labadi beach so I directed our taxi driver to Tawala Beach, which is also in La. The beach was perfection: close in distance, clean, no hovering sellers, and free! We enjoyed the breeze and drinks and even got a chance to witness a music video in the making. 

It was interesting and odd.....:)

That evening, we traversed to Osu and had dinner at Buka!, a Ghanaian/Naija restaurant. The place was beautifully and romantically decorated with bamboo stilts and peacock images. The banku and tilipia had to be the best I have. ever. eaten. 

We capped the evening off with drinks at Ryan's Irish Pub and had the chance to play Scrabble! It felt so good to play the game again and we temporarily forgot that we were still in Africa. The Irish pub was everything like an Irish pub with the loud music and mismatched wall colors... For that hour, it felt good to get away from Ghana. I lost the game of Scrabble woefully; I was a sore loser because I rarely lose at Scrabble!

The next day we, went to the garment district of Makola Market.... Going to market is nerve-wracking because of the bustle, sounds, smells, and constant movement. My grandmother can maneuver Kejetia market in her sleep; I freak out at the sight of so many people at one time. If I knew my way around, then I could compare it to going to the mall but without the fixed prices.... Kejetia is in Kumasi, Makola is in Accra. Makola, in my opinion, is easier to get around because it seems more open-air than Kejetia. Plus, I've visited this market with a friend in the past and she did a good job at helping me get around. This time around, I was very, very, proud to be able to get around in Makola on my own. Amy T. sought for new cloth to sew and I got my grandmother a watch for Christmas. It was a huge deal for me because it was the first time I was in the midst of so many beautiful pieces of ntoma and did not buy even one yard. If you knew me, you would know that is a huge deal.  

From eating Italian gelato to going to the movie theater, Accra gave me what I needed which was a Western break. I had so much of a good time which resulted in me being so broke but it was worth every pesewa because I came back to my mountain refreshed and satisfied. I'll be back for the New Year and for even more of a good time with familiar company.  


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