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Monday, October 15, 2012

Back to School

Remember this from early this year?

Yeah, it's kind of sad for me to look at it a lot these days... My, how plans change.

Well, my plan was to teach abroad and build upon those skills by attending graduate school. I was really excited to apply to Columbia, you got admit, prestige is everything. And receiving acceptance of admission was really one of the highlights of my life. I never thought I would even go that far in life and was very proud when I reached a personal goal. Alas, it is not be for now because when it came down to it, I could not afford the program. Tuition alone stands upwards of $45,000, not including room, board, transportation, and relocating to NY. It hurts guys, it hurts. It hurts when you want to further your education and be financially strapped. I considered loan options and it wasn't favorable for me take out loans on top of my undergrad loans; I'm not paying loads of money to pay to be a better teacher--- someone else can do that!

So I'm technically "back at school" in a couple of ways. I'm taking graduate certificate courses at GWU (I was accepted into their Master's program as well!) and I'm teaching at a new middle school. Oh goodness, I love seventh grade:) Still conjuring ideas for my academic future and other things!

(I didn't write that! Found it by the bookshelf as I was cleaning the
I'm probably one of the few people that lovveeeee going back to school, whether I'm leading or learning.



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