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Monday, August 27, 2012

OooooOooo Natural!

My baby sis did her "big chop" a couple of weeks ago! She's been growing it out for a year now and figured "what the hell?" and came back home with all of her perm cut off! It's amazing to see how many young women are going natural now, and at an even younger age! When I was a substitute a few years back, I came across a student who was about 15 years old with a beautiful shrunken puff that she was rocking like nobody's business. I recall staring at her all day but I couldn't figure out what I was marveling about. It wasn't until I got home and realized that I was amazed at her confidence. At her age, I would have never had the courage to wear my short natural hair. I just did not have the boldness or the esteem and NOBODY was doing it. Even at that time, "going natural" was nowhere near the phenomenon it is now. I was amazed at how comfortable she was with herself at such an impressionable age. Even when I went fully natural during my undergraduate years, I wasn't bold enough to wear my hair out; I usually hid behind braids....
Either way. I'm proud of my lil' sister and hope more girls will embrace their natural beauty at any age.

Becky at 19, month 1!

Mabel at 19, month 1!


Amma Mama said...

Gorgeous, both of you!
I agree with what you said. I see a lot of high school girls rocking their natural hair . It's amazing to see them embrace it. I wanted to go natural my high school senior yr {I was 17} but I was so scared that I wouldn't look cute at prom. Now there are so many natural hair styles for proms and weddings :-)

Ama Kyei said...
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Ama Kyei said...

Yes Amma! It's crazy how bold our girls are now! I'm just glad it proved not be a phase but more as an understanding of how things should always be. Natural, accepting, and beautiful.

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