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Thursday, August 23, 2012

I Was Here

Mmkay, I'm in a blogging mood! The one thing I would suggest to anyone if he/she is travelling abroad and will be away for a while: buy a decent camera. I took my "Old Faithful" Sony Cybershot with me and it spoiled within a week of arrival. I had to find alternate solutions to taking pics by borrowing cameras and slapping my old one on my knee before I got it to work.... But I hope you all enjoyed what pictures I was able to capture. I found some old videos on my camera and decided to share. Enjoy!


Anyone know the name of this plant? You touch it and it closes up:)

Sneaking my video into the cultural center; I'm so sad I couldn't tape more... it was beautiful!
My darling Lois singing praises for me!
Yes, those are eels.... blaaaahhhhh (@ Nzulezo)

Tim helping out the fishermen in Anomabu

My dearie Kojo Antwi serenading me on a warm Easter evening.... #swoon

I am going to work really hard to get full footage of all the girlie goodies I brought from Ghana. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek!


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