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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stamping Adinkra

Now next to Kente, I am in love with Adinkra symbols. I love to doodle and once I learned about Adinkra symbols, doodling had a new meaning for me:)
Adinkra are ancient, Akan symbols that represent proverbs, messages, attitudes, or behaviors. The term "adinkra" literally translates to mean "goodbye/farewell message". The symbols are usually stamped on funeral cloth as they are meant to send a message to the departed. There are hundreds of symbols, each with its unique meaning. There is so much information about adinkra and kente cloth online so if you want to learn more please google it out. This is my favorite site for a listing of many symbols and its meaning I visited Ntonso with my cousin where we had a chance to learn the process of making the ink for the stamping and the carving of the stamp itself. I even had a chance to make my own strip of cloth with my choice of symbols. I am really proud that Ghanaians have found a way to preserve their culture and history and make a way to share it with the public. The learning session in Ntonso was informative and worthwhile. I am so proud to be a Ghanaian! lol


One of my favorite symbols "Nyame Dua" (Tree of God), symbolizing God's presence and protection



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