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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kwahu OOoooOO, Kwahu!

I am posted in Abetifi-Kwahu which is in the Eastern Region of Ghana. Apart for being known for its mountainous sceneray, the Kwahu region is known for its annual Easter festivities. Kwahu is also well known for its wealthy inhabitants, many of those who own homes and properties in the region are extremely financially endowed. The homes that line this region rival those of East Legon (a town in Accra known also known for its upper class). I wouldn't say Kwahu is an upper class region but there are definitely people who have money and made a way to show it. Well, majority of those people don't live in these mansions; they stay/work in Accra but come home for the Easter holidays. This usually sleepy town turned into wild fanfare of noise, music, and human traffic during Easter weekend. Practically overnight, the town transformed into party central. Strangely, it seemed more of a time to party than it was to celebrate the death of our Savior... All the same, I found a way to do both! lol

One major aspect of the Easter festival in Kwahu is the paragliding festival. Yes, I freaking paragliding. Yes, I never ride roller coasters at amusement parks but I coughed up enough courage to soar in the clouds. And it was absolutely blissful and exhilarating. I loved it.
I also had the chance to see my FAVORITE Ghanaian artist. The Maestro, The Music Man Himself, Mr. Kojo Antwi. He put on a stellar show in Mpraeso and I was just starstruck. It was one of those times that I wish I could speak and understand Twi fluently but all the same, I loved the concert and had a blast. It was quite the Easter.

I was the lucky volunteer who got placed in Kwahu. And I had a darn good time:) Me bo life, eh?

Cool view of Kwahu

All strapped up!

Odo! My love! lol

Ready to roll! I had a video of my take off but it's taking forever to load. I'll try again later!

The Amys!


Anonymous said...

wow, I would love to be serenaded by Kojo Antwi! Did you get his autograph?

Ama Kyei said...

@Yedei- He swept me off my feet. That short man is hella sexy! lol. Didn't get his autograph:( At the very last note of the closing song, it began to storm terribly. We spent over an hour huddling under canopies so nobody got to see him afterwards:( Only have the memories and I'm pretty sure we locked eyes during the show. I made sure I looked good:)

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