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Sunday, March 18, 2012

My Month Long Vacay

I had the absolute pleasure of visiting Lagos for a couple weeks with the boo. It was a great experience, though I was spoiled rotten in Victoria Garden City (VGC):) I can probably talk about my time there better than I can write it, but I can say, Lagos sure is unique. And yes, it's as chaotic as you've heard!
I think I can best describe my time there in one word bits...

Fabulous lace (okay, that's two words, but truly, the lace is like none you've ever seen)
Mr. Biggs Meat Pie
Social divide (rich/poor)
People Overload 
Power Outage
Balogun Market(sp?)
Ripe Plantain (everywhere!)

Nigeria was a nice time overall. I was quite sheltered but all in all, it's just a bigger Accra of sorts. More people, larger developments, more traffic, you know. I never understood why folks would like to compare Nigeria to Ghana, I assume they are both major representatives of progress in Western Africa but I can say, both countries have much to offer to its people and visitors in its own way. I was happy to experience it all for myself and can't wait to go back and shop for more lace.:)

Then we swapped countries and Tim got a chance to enjoy Ghana with me. I think we had a bigger blast in Ghana but don't tell him I said that:) We had a whirlwind of a time: we visited the Nkrumah mausoleum, hung out with friends in Tema, blissfully lounged at Anomabu Beach Resort, ate at Mabel's Table, visited history at Elmina Slave Castle, grooved at my auntie's restaurant (check out Queen's Gate at Stadium in Kumasi!), shopped, enjoyed company at my grandparent's house... it really was an amazing time. 

There were a lot of "couple shots" :)

Tim with his new African hero, @kwamenkrumahmausoleum

Tim's Auntie Mowumni lives in Ghana with her husband and she came by to visit!

Anomabu Beach #loveeeeeeee

She stole my idea!

Tim helped these men fish for almost 4 hours. In the end, there was no catch:(

Nanahemaa (my aunt) and her mom; she was a wonderful hostess!

Tim's new buddy
Good times;)


Chinye said...

Looks like you and the boo had a great time in Naija! Just looking through your pictures reminds me of the time i spent there many many years ago. I especially love the picture of the men fishing! It made me laugh so hard! Glad you enjoye yourself Chica!

Yedei said...

I love that Tim was a fisherman for a day. That's kinda sexy...

Ama Kyei said...

@Chinye- yes, we had a splendid time. It'll take some time for Lagos to grow on me but I enjoyed it all the same. I just wish we caught some fish that day!
@Yedei- Oh, I made sure he knew how hot he was:)

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