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Monday, November 7, 2011

Life as a Madam

I am Madam Nana Ama.

, "May I have your attention please?" doesn't really get their attention. I usually say, "Hallloooo???" And they respond, "Hiiii!!"

I have a student escort me to my next location by holding my books for me. The thing is that, everyone wants to hold my books.

They think I'm the coolest madam because I give them 10 minute breaks. Seriously, I can't teach for 2 hours straight. I need a break too.

Every weekend, a couple of students come by my place to wash, clean, and at times, cook for me.

I leave the last 15 minutes of class for twi lessons. They get a kick out of that.

I kind of feel huffy and slighted when a student doesn't greet me with a "Good _____ (morning, afternoon, evening) when I walk by. I know, I'm already enjoying the special treatment.

None of the kids hit on me. That's a relief.

It may be hard work but I love it all the same. And I can't stop but smirking when they call me "Madam". My students are so respectful and eager to learn, it's wonderful.

Random shot: my pet rooster, Wontshutup. That's what I call it on my way out.

My level 100D students, not the best picture but probably my best class. They make me laugh all the time.


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