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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ms. Mabel "Potter"

I must admit that I have the best friends in the world. They vary in size, height, background, but they all carry the same trait: bestJ. My girlfriends from college, Nana & Zainab, are just an amazing bunch. We have shared a number of interesting, intimate, and unforgettable moments together, many without trying. Recently, our lives have taken such an “adult” turn that we often struggle to find time to spend together. But when we do unite, it’s like old times and it’s those times I treasure the most. This summer, I demanded that we each plan a “Girls Girls” day. What happens is that one of the girlfriends will organize a day of events that we must not do something typical (movies, dinner, someone’s house) and should not spend more than $40. It was my idea but even I couldn’t organize my day! This summer has been unfairly busy with work and prepping for Ghana but one of the girls came through and planned us a date with pottery.

 Clay Café is located in Chantilly,VA and is a place for one to paint the pottery of their choice. What would make Clay Café even cooler was if you were able to make your own pottery! But considering the time it took to even paint the pottery, I think it’s a good idea that the items came premade.

We all got to work; it was amazing how intense we were working on our creations. It was like being in elementary school again. It’s terrible how we take such things for granted. The quiet, the colors, the comfort of friends was entirely rewarding.

Nana chose a bowl, along with Zainab. I chose a plate. A portion plate I call it (hehehe). "Happy Yourself" is a self-explanatory inside joke.

Overall, it was a unique and fulfiling way to spend the day as girls (literally). I enjoyed the peaceful opportunity to paint, although I didn't finish my plate. If ever you want to relive those Monday Art Days from primary school, check out Clay Cafe.

Cheers to your choice Nana.


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