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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Africa's Newborn

I have a bff I have known since the 9th grade, Akuender. She’s tall, rich black, sarcastic, loving-kind, and South Sudanese. I have been aware of her country’s struggle since I could remember and it has, in a sense, been my struggle as well. Akuender’s father passed away working relentlessly for the freedom of their land. I have met numerous members of her family (she has plenty, Lord…) and chatted with them about Sudan and their hopes for their country. Her family has endured grave hardship and met unheard of blessings in regards to her country’s power struggle. She left Sudan a young girl and found refuge with her family and close friends in Virginia. Since I have known them, her family has quietly and proudly waited for the day of redemption. On July 9, 2011, the sun rose on South Sudan. A nation birthed from a hard labor; Africa’s newborn. Seeing this day has been but a dream for the new Sudanese and I was proud to celebrate with Akuender and her family. I noticed Africans are really prideful of their country and some seldom get involved with understanding the problems of the countries surrounding them. Befriending Akuender and knowing her family allowed me to get out of my “Ghana-bubble” from time to time and witness a different culture, a different language, and a different story. In the end, as cliché as it may seem, we are truly one people. Their joy should be our joy. Their sorrow, our sorrow. Their revival, our awakening. Arise South Sudan, we welcome you.
Akuender and her cousin, Susanna

This boy kept his arm erect with the flag the whole night (Akuender's sister in the corner:)

 My girl, her country flag
May we encounter more things to celebrate!


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