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Monday, June 6, 2011

I went back in time last weekend

When I was in college, I usually allowed myself 1-2 parties per semester. I made sure I went out, dolled up, my skirt was never too short and my make up was never too much. I went in packs of girlfriends and always made sure the boys didn't touch my bum, and we were back home by 2 am. My good friend and I joke that we should have enjoyed life a little more and danced a bit longer, wore a dress that was tad tighter, flirted a bit more. I don't miss it, partying, it was never much of my thing. However, this past weekend, I went back in time. A church friend of mine graduated from college and asked me to be her MC for her dinner. That was wild because I have never controlled the microphone like that but it came naturally to me and it was fun. When the dinner ended and the parents left, the party really got started. I do not remember the last time I went to a party and danced like so. There are so many hiplife and highlife songs that I was totally unaware of and wished the DJ to play it back again. Man, I love our music. So I went back in time: my skirt still wasn't too tight, I was dolled up, my makeup minimal. This time I went with my boyfriend and while he sat and watched me in the "cut". I danced and danced and danced. Sweet.
Gotta rep for Ghana. Appietus really stepping his game up! Though he did totally jock this song.

For old times sake, I still love this song... I mean, it e no easy...



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