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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Here Ye, Here Ye!

Mabel here.

I am very excited to jump on the blogwagon and provide a taste of life experiences with you. If you haven't read the sidebar, "Me (meh) Bo (bow) Life" is an abrafrolized ("abrafo" means English [as in the language] in twi) way of saying "I'm living life". Quite cliche in English, but in twienglish, I think it's rarely said in the first person. It's usually said in second person...." you're living life". For a longgggg time, I used to cringe inside when people said that to me. It would be said with a silly smirk that seemed to imply that you should be proud that you're doing "something" or have "something" that deserves attention. And these "things" could entail something materialistic: looking pretty darn stylish that day, or arriving to church in a snazzy, new car. I don't assume that the phrase is a sly remark but instead a way for Ghanaians to say "good for you" in a teasing, admiring way. Now when I think of it, I suppose then I probably didn't understand the context of the phrase. 

"Me bo life" is more of a reminder (and less of a statement) to myself.  That I must live life and do it actively. I must refuse to live without thought or passion in all aspects of my life, not just with goal setting.
Living life, for me, is learning to live by faith. Learning to believe in dreams, act on my dreams. Learning to think for myself, not of what I want people to think of me. Learning to just relax. Be patient. To breathe.
Learning to remember that I'm still learning.

Sheesh, that sounds so ethereal.... But really, I mean it.

I'm a twenty-everything schoolteacher, girlfriend, daughter, sister, and friend to many loved ones. I will on assignment with IFESH this upcoming school year; I will be at a teacher training college in Kwahu, Eastern Region. I'm very excited for this opportunity because I think it is going to mark a significant change in my life. Hence, the blog.

I hope to use this space as a platform to be open, honest, and thoughtful about all that I do and love. It may be a bit random at times, I apologize in advance:) 


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