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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sing a new song

Sing unto the Lord a new song, sing to the Lord, all the earth. Sing to the Lord, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.....

Have you ever played music from your iPod and had that feeling that "man, I need some new music?" As much as new music is being cranked out on the regular, it's hard to sift through the crap that is being released these days. But you know, some gems emerge like Adele's new album. Or artists like Vivian Green drops a new jam and surprises you to tell you she still got it. But for me, I was feeling a bit rusty in my spiritual walk and I knew that my current and only gospel rotation wasn't going to pick me up. I needed something new to chew on. Thank God for spiritual sisters who intercede for you without even asking! Per request, I've picked up Travis Greene's new album, The Hill and girlaaaaaaa. I have been silent worshipping in my cubicle everyday at work with this album in rotation. I'm literally running to my car so that I can enjoy my evening commute to sing at the top of my lungs! This is definitely the refreshing, "new song" that I needed to pick my self up and keep moving on with this beautiful faith in God. I've been doubly blessed because big cousin Kirk Franklin also blessed us with a new compilation and I'm equally loving it. Sometimes what your spirit needs is that encouraging song that helps you memorize the Word and remember that God is worthy of all praise. Enjoy.


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