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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Spirit of Worship

I have dedicated many a post on this blog about many aspects of my life but of most importance would be my spiritual walk with God. It's something so personal to me and I seldom discuss much of it because I am still growing and learning, and tripping on the path along the way. But in light of this Easter season, I wanted to talk about worship.

If you are a typical Ghanaian kid, you know about church and I would hope, God. The two seem synonymous up until your early twenties when you realize you know everything about church itself but this relationship with God is new, hard, frustrating, and enticing. You come to a point where you realized that you needed Him more but didn't know where to start. You were probably frustrated because after all those years in the church, you realized you knew very little about the Word and for the life of you, couldn't figure how that happened. How did that happen?

If that's not you, it's me. I rededicated my life to Christ at 19 with full determination to do it His way. I did not know what I was getting myself into. A life where God is always on my mind, a life where I desperately seek to stop messing up and get my life like His, a life where I can have full dependency on a greater power and love that equates no other. I owe my life to Christ and as long as I live I will press on to what He has called me to do. It's a strange relationship, this thing I got with God. But man, it's best thing that has ever happened to me and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.

My path to Christ began with worship. Just making up songs in the morning when I woke up. Illegally downloading numerous songs by Israel Houghton, Tye, Kirk, Hillsong, the populars:) Learning new music in place of bible study if I didn't know where to turn in my bible. My secret passion is singing in Twi. For those who know me, I am not fluent in my mother tongue. But what marvels the same people is that I can SANG in Twi. I mean, I know all the inflections, pauses, tunes, and hummms... And strangely, I know what I am singing. Can't speak it for 5 minutes but can sing it along with any other worship leader. Singing in Twi is special to me because I find myself best able to worship that way.

Worship is not about the song but about the heart. How your spirit connects with the Holy Spirit. This can manifest in prayers, praise, meditation, tongues-speaking, and music. In all this form, worship in the form of music moves me to another spiritual level with to God.
I met my friend Yaw Osei-Owusu at a concert in 2009 I believe, the True Worshippers Concert with Sonnie Badu. Actually Kwaku Gyasi was supposed to be there (I reallllllly wanted to see him!) but Sonnie came through instead and it was larger than life. A simple concert with a spiritual bang. My life changed. It was amazing to see so many young people come together to celebrate God and this was all constructed through the vision of Yaw and his friends. I became an active member of TW from that point on but kinda fell off.... I'm still trying to get my life together since returning from Ghana:( But all the same, I pray for TW, I pray for our board, I pray for Yaw because he has opened his heart to allow God to do some amazing things in his life.

Take this concert I went to last November..... WHAT? It was the most beautiful, riveting, spirit-filled gospel concert I have ever attended (given it was my first real one). Yaw has finally taken his awesome vocals to the studio to produce amazing tracks to glorify God. I can't explain it. I was in the way back of the auditorium and was losing my mind, tears streaming down my face, my heart bursting with passion for God. Yaw took us to another level in the spirit. Yaw brought us to worship God. You had to be there.
If you weren't, you can pretend you were. He's completed his DVD production of the concert and it goes on sale Easter day. If you want a copy, I won't lend you mine. Get your own. He's on fb, find out how to get your in-home concert. Be blessed and support our Ghanaian youth. You will not regret being taken there. It might get you back on your path with God again.

Try not to drool at Yaw, he's a cutie but he ain't thinking 'bout you. :)

Congratulations Yaw, God bless you and thank you for doing His work.

Bonus: You'll have this on repeat like....


GhanaianVeganist said...

Something about hearing praise and worship in's the best. I've been thinking about my faith a lot lately too. We should have a side bar convo when I see you again.

Chinye said...

Just wanted to thank you for putting me onto this song. I've been singing this worship song non-stop, I can feel the power of God in it. I even had my Ghanian uber driver translate the lyrics to me :-)

Ama Kyei said...

Thank Chinye! There's something about the power of God that translates across languages and culture. I know a ton of worship songs in different languages: I don't care-- I know it glorifies God. You should check out his "Hymns" on soundcloud. And let me know if there are any worship songs I should add to my roster! Be blessed!

Anonymous said...

Okay. I just spent most of my morning at work reading your posts! It's amazing how much I can relate to you! Certain blogs make me feel so connected to a person, and yours is not exempt! Looveeee!

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