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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


I've been to paradise and back.

Nana and I treated ourselves to a blissful getaway a few weeks ago. We stayed at Fanta's Folly, a serene, perfect beach resort outside of Takoradi. It was perfection. The weather, the water, the resort itself: perfect. The water and the seclusion was just what I needed that weekend. I loved it.
Our canoe trip

That same weekend, we visited Nzulezo, a stilt villagen outside a town called Beyin. We took an hour long canoe trip to the village. We could not have chosen a better day, it was absolute bliss. I never realized how drawn I was to water until that canoe trip. I can't swim but I kept fighting the urge to jump in and try! It was amazing....
Some other pix:)
   Beautiful aerial shot

 Me and Nana

My first time having grilled lobster!

Fanta's Folly Beach Resort



Anonymous said...

Mabe, ma babe! You and Nana look GREAT! I didn't know she was there...I swear she's not talking to me since I couldn't see her in NYC like I promised for the conference. Tell her I said that. LOL! I miss you both terribly and it looks like you both are having too much of a blast in GH. Please come back to the stress of Abrokyere (sp?) Love you loads
P.S. did you make your decision to go to Columbia or not?

Chinye said...

That necklace you are wearing is to die for!!! Give it to me pleaseeee lol

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