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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Ghana has started a huge dance craze that is sweeping over the world. It took an article form BBC for me to finally sit down and blog about it. Azonto. I’m still getting the hang of it but man, the dance dey be…. There’s a swag to doing the Azonto that makes it so versatile and fun to watch/do every time. This is not your “crip-walk” or “Harlem Shake”. I think it’s here to stay. I am glad to be in Ghana during the time of the Azonto.
Enjoy below and youtube for more!
1. Click HERE for the BBC article/video

2.     MTN promo: I love this commercial, the song is an official Azonto song: U Media Films “Azonto”

 3. Sarkodie: This is an official azonto song. The beat will get you moving without even trying..

 4. Yes, I am jealous of this kid

4. My number1 fave Azonto song: "Yesi Yesii" by 4x4

5. Do what ya do...



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