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Thursday, January 26, 2012


Okay, here's the delayed post:)
Back in the States, every year around Christmas time, I always heard the whines of my parents, lamenting on how they wish they could spend "bronya" back home in Ghana. It was always either one thing or the other: the food, the family, the warmth, church celebrations, relaxing, etc... Being in the States during Christmas just reminded them that they were missing out on something. Thing is that it has been so long since they've been in Ghana, I wonder if they know what they really are missing? I mean, gone are the days of getting that "one" Christmas dress and shoe.
All the same, the approaching Christmas day was met with much excitement and talk. Like I said before, if it wasn't for the tacky Christmas decor and replaying of "Feliz Navidad" by Bony M., I would have forgotten to send my list to Father Christmas! All the same, it was lovely time to relax with family and friends, to observe and reflect. I spent Christmas in Kumasi with my grandparents and cousins. Then I was off to be spoiled by the Boatengs courtesy of my dear bff (one of 'em!), Nana. There's sooooo much to tell but I will try to do so without rambling on and on....
Christmas in Kumasi was bliss. My aunts and mom sent money for us to buy a goat so we had a chance to have goat (aponkye) everything! We had aponkye stew, aponkye soup, fried aponkye, you name it! We had a lot of food:)The atmosphere was quiet and friendly; the day was gorgeous with a beautiful breeze and high sun-- what a Christmas! I thought I would have the refreshing opportunity to not be pressured to give gifts and just enjoy Christmas for what it was about but Ghanaians caught on quick to equating Christmas with gifts. Overall, it was a wonderful time in Ksi.
A few days after, I went to Accra to spend the rest of my break with Nana. That's when I realized why everybody wants to be in Ghana during the Christmas holiday. Things are "on and poppin'(g)" in Accra Christmas/New Year's time. We barely slept. We were at this function one day, club hopping another, visiting friends and family, eating out at swanky spots, sleeping in, enjoying a posh beach wedding, dressing up for the fun of it, roaming Osu, just having a blast. It was great to be with familiar company again, Nana really showed me a good time. We even went to Togo for a day trip. There's really not much to say about it, just that we enjoyed the beach and a quaint French restaurant! I spent majority of my break finishing up my grad school apps but all in all, I was blessed in every way. I hope you all had a fab time as well!
Thinking at Lome beach

 If you can't Azonto, then you can't hang.

Good times with my girl:)

Crossover: Crossing over into new year with Mensa Otabil at Accra Stadium. Talk about being BLESSED!

Wedding at Ada Beach: It was gorgeous! Oh, and I bumped into Kwabena Kwabena in his dressing room. Long story, will share later-- and it's not what it seems!lol. He was a surprise guest at the wedding. Got a picture with him but it turned out really dark:( But he's a doll!

Bumped into a Columbia Uni friend at the wedding: hey Madonna! That was a treat:)

Love this family! Thanks Boatengs!


Konamah said...

The time of my liiiiiiiiife!!!!!!! Thanks for being a great companion!

Amma Mama said...

Yep, Accra is def on and popping during the Christmas holiday.
I learned that in

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