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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Field Trip... Excursion... Potato... Pota-toe

I was soooo thankful to get a free day to go on a field trip excursion with my students last Friday.

The writer's club went on an excursion to Accra to visit Parliament and the High Court. It was long trip but much fun because the crowded bus passed time by singing church songs with the accompaniment of a drum and other noisy instruments.

Parliament was nice to visit and we even sat in on a session. It was quite boring honestly... But it was funny watching the parliamentarians argue with each other. One minister complained that another minister was ill prepared for defending a proposal and said, "You are playing with the thing but you don't know the thing!" If  you don't know, he was (somewhat inappropriately) quoting a popular hiplife jam titled "The Thing" by Atumpan. Youtube it, it's a catchy song.

Hearing the hook in a serious Parliament hall was much more hilarious.

The High Court was really interesting but due to lack of time, we couldn't take a tour. Still a fun trip nevertheless.


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