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Thursday, September 15, 2011

To Sunlight Radio

I just wrapped up my last radio show at Sunlight Radio yesterday. It has been an amazingly quick and exciting 5 months at Sunlight; I am terribly sad to have said goodbye after such a short stint.

Speak Up! Youth Talk:)
Sunlight Radio is an online radio station that promote the Ghanaian community in the States. It is a part of Media Afrika LLC, which also presents the popular monthly cycle of The New Ghanaian newspaper. I used to write for TNG when I was high school. I ran out of things to write about so I stopped. So when I got the offer to host at the radio show, I was excited because talking comes easier to me anyway. "Speak Up: Youth Talk" was a show geared to young Africans in the community to encourage to "speak up" and share their opinions and perspectives of various things going on around them. We had numerous topics that included education, relationships, spirituality, and goal setting. It was a great show for me because I was able to turn my random thoughts into full blown discussions with folks around the world. Once people started calling in, they weren't random thoughts anymore but topics of worthy interest.

Emmanuel Gamor was my mentor at the studio, showing me the ropes and handling the bigger business behind the switchboard. He has been a friend, partner, and shining example to me during my time there. Throughout it all, I do not think I would have enjoyed it or looked forward to it without his presence. Adoma Adae is the show's new host, taking up from where I left off with even MUCH more to bring to the microphone. I am positive she will take it to new heights and have as much fun as I did.

Shout out to Sunlight Radio for giving me a chance to share my thoughts. Thank you if ever you listened and cared about what I had to say for an hour.

I'm honored.


Emmanuel A. Gamor said...

Aw! It was pleasure having you on Sunlight Radio. Travel safely and know that you're missed.

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